Data Transfer Utility

In 2007 I was doing some work for a Property Management Firm when they were converting from an Oracle database to Microsoft Sql Server database. Then also had to extract data from their database, format it per various vendor specifications, then send the data to the vendor.

I started using Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS) for this task, however, I soon discovered that SSIS did not perform some of the features that I needed (dynamic folder and file names, a job log of what was performed with any error message), therefore I decided to write my own.

I created the DataXfer Utility as a prototype. It was a single executable configured using tabs for each section, however, this format soon became too difficult to maintain. Each new feature created headaches when added new controls and code to the application. Therefore, I started over with a new Concept.

I Made a list of Likes and Dislikes

·        Change Logic from List of:

o   PreProcesses, Processes, PostProcesses to List of Actions

o   Replace ini Format with Real Xml Structure

§  Using Elements and Attributes

o   Allow for the testing of a single Action

o   Eliminate the need to Save changes before testing

o   Allow for multiple Data Sources

o   Allow saving of previous versions

o   Added the ability to Add Actions without Effecting existing code

o   Replace the Tab Control Based Editor

o   And many others…

I built Build Version 3 Based on those lists

To watch s Slideshow of the DataXfer Utility, Click here.

To download a PDF of the Slideshow, Click Here.