Johnson Family History

I started looking into my family history in 2005 because I was wondering about my history. 

I knew my paternal grandfather Hillyer Alton Johnson had siblings; however, I don't believe I'd ever met any of them.  Therefore I started doing some checking, with very little results. 

I started again in 2007, my son Glen started asking questions for his children. I heard that my father’s cousin, Carolyn Smith (which I had never met) and her brother Don had done some research, so, I contacted Carolyn and she gave the start I needed.

This research and the results are primarily for my grandchildren.  It's being made available via this web site for all of my ancestors that might be still alive and any descendants or relatives who are wondering, just like I was.

The History may be started at any point in the linage by selecting a Name from the list then you may branch up through the ancestors or down through the decedents by clicking in the links. 

Johnson Family Tree

v  William Harrison Johnson

Ø  Thomas Vestal Johnson

§  Children with Sarah Margret “Sallie” Bailey

·         William Osborn Johnson

§  Children with  Harriett “Hatttie” Araminta Clemmons

·         Claud Iverson Johnson

·         Versa Lavert Johnson

·         Vestal Alkridge Johnson

·         Vennice Carrie Johnson

·         Hillyer Alton Johnson 

¨      Floyd Johnson

Ø  Peggie Joyce Johnson Davis

Ø  Jimmy Johnson

Ø  Jerry Johnson

Ø  Judy Johnson ?

¨      Marvin Johnson

Ø  Nadine Bishard

Ø  Linda Sue Biggs

Ø  Margret Ruth Johnson Dominquez

§  Glenna Yowell

¨      Elmer Wallace Johnson

Ø  Thomas Allen Johnson

Ø  Robert Stephen Johnson 

·         Carl Johnson

·         Pearson Madison Johnson

·         Guice Winfield Johnson


Johnson Family Anecdotes 

I am currently working on Slide Shows for all family members that have pictures for.  A link to that Slideshow will be included on the family member’s page. However, I only have pictures on very few family members.

 I will be continually updating these pages as new or modified information is available.

Click here if you would like to contribute to this history or any family pictures and would like to share.

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