Born Sept 25, 1893  and was the 8th and last child of William Harrison Johnson and Nancy Wood


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Guice first married Anna Wilson Kingsted, daughter of Danish emigrees.  Their marriage ended in divorce in 1937.  Guice worked in many locales:  with his brother he was co-owner of a bakery ar Aransas, he worked in or owned bakeries in many places in Texas and in Clovis, New Mexico, owned or worked in restaurants, and he farmed in Beeville, Texas.  The last years of his life, Guice lived in Hereford with his second wife Fern, whom he married sometime in the 1940's.  


Guice played the banjo and guitar, but preferred the banjo.  He was probably a diabetic, though he denied it.  This condition was complicated by alcoholism.  In 1955 he had a blood clot on his ankle which eventually forced the amputation of his leg.  Several years later he was forced to have the other leg amputated.  His son said it was probably during this second surgery that he died. 


Pearson thought Guice was probably always diabetic, and he was born to a severely diabetic mother.  When they were small, both boys stole sugar from the pantry.  In an attempt to cure this about 1897, Thomas made them sit and eat sugar until they became ill.  Pearson said he never stole sugar again, but Guice continued to snatch it whenever he could. 


Guice's only child, Guice Wilbur Johnson, said his mother thought other children might make fun of him by calling him "Windy" or "Junior" if she used his middle name "Winfield" and a "Jr." after his father.  She chose "Wilbur" as his middle name because it started with the same letter as his father's middle name.  


Guice Wilbur Johnson

NoPicture.gifGuice Wilbur said that Lyndon B. Johnson told him that their fathers or grandfathers were cousins from Georgia.  From research done by Carolyn Smith, it appears that there might actually be some blood relationship, but probably it was their great-grandfathers who were cousins.  


Guice Wilbur and his wife Marge (nee Margie Virginia McManeus) now live in Florida where he is retired from the Air Force.  They married 28 March 1948 and lived in many parts of the world before retiring to Punta Gorda, Florida.  One of Guice's hobbies is amateur radio and he was Region Two Director of the USAF MARS network for fourteen years and has been Deputy Director for the past four years.  He has written numerous anecdotes of his experiences with pets and other animals as well as a column for the MARS newsletter.   Marge, who grew up in Orlando, loves her gardening, walking, and also has an amateur radio license.  



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